British Age-Group Standard Duathlon Championships

On the 12th October, I competed in the National Duathlon Championships in Milton Keynes at the Big Cow Duathlon. 

I travelled very early in the morning and arrived before 7am for a race start at 8am. It was very dark when I arrived, the fog was thick and the temperature was very low (3°C)! It was the coldest morning since the official end of the summer.

The event was made up of a 10k run, followed by a 40k bike (2 laps), and then a second run of 5.2k. The run course was pan-flat, a PB course for sure! The bike course was relatively flat with a few undulating sections.

The race started fast with some of the best British duathletes at the front (Alan Murchinson and Lee Percy amongst others).  I was not able to stay with the lead pack but I managed to stay with the second lead pack and actually felt very comfortable and maintained a very good pace throughout. I completed the 10k in 35:53, my best time ever!  I came into T1 in a decent position but I always knew that I will loose a few spots on the bike leg….which soon happened.  The visibility was very bad with the fog and the weather refused to warm-up; it became as much a battle against the cold as a fight again the fatigue.  Contrary to Oulton Park event I felt lonely, isolated during the bike leg, which I completed in 1:09:43.  I went into T2 determined to gain a few places back.  I had a quick transition and ran off the bike very well to finish in 2:07:24, 37th overall and 7th in the 40-44 age group.

I was mostly happy with my first 10k run PB and very happy to be ranked, as a French, in the British top 10!

Very well done to Pete Thompson, who finished 5th in the 55-59 age group with a finishing time of 2:16:39.

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