The Family

Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, UK
Holiday - August 2014

The Buchallet family discovered the friendly world of multisport (triathlon, duathlon) a few years ago and it immediately became a passion.

  • Sarah, the most wonderful mum, probably has the most knowledge of multisport as she is always very busy looking after the 3 of us. She has been so supportive in recent years and without her support, we would not be able to live our passion. 
  • Lewis fell in love with triathlon as soon as he started and has had an amazing first season in the TriStart age group; the beginning of a bright future! 
  • Raphael is following his brother's path. 
  • Dad, Michael, is also a relative newcomer to multisport and has very quickly became an international age group duathlete.  His next challenge is triathlon.